Limerick Hurling Champions 2020 Cut Cube Crystal

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Limerick Hurling Champions 2020 Cut Cube Crystal ... History defines who we are. When Love in crystal started, we recorded our very first All-Ireland hurling final that was in 2018... the team that day was one of the youngest teams ever to be fielded in Ireland... Here we are 2 years and Limerick has been crowned All Ireland Hurling Champions... Our Hurling has been proven to be the fastest game on a playing field and the oldest in the World... so what does that make Limerick... World Champions

This Piece was all most 52 hours in the making, the depth, the 3d design of Limericks Crest, the heading, result and the number of years they lifted the title..; thankfully one of the Limericks great supporters got the very first cube... (will be delivered on 13th of Dec 2021) Thank you M.L for your patience.

It is available in only 2 sizes and comes with a free light base. Presented in a gift box and makes it the ideal present for the true Limerick Fan.